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A Beautiful Question: Finding Nature's Deep Design

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Finding Nature’s Deep Design

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A Beautiful Question

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Look Inside. View Large Image. In this scientific tour de force, world-class physicist Frank Wilczek argues that beauty is at the heart of the logic of the univ In Stock with Supplier Shipping in days.

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Online Only. As the quest to find the beauty embodied in the universe has conn A Beautiful Question is a mind-expanding book combining the age-old human quest for beauty with the age-old human quest for truth. When will my order arrive? What happens if the goods are damaged when I open them up? The Pythagorean theorem was perhaps the first glimpse of that relationship by a human mind.

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Once the concept of the ideal enters the equation, Wilczek turns, rightly, to Plato and his cave. Presented here is a refreshing reading of the famous allegory and its implications, with an eye towards the scientific rather than the freewheeling philosophical. A review of this length cannot give a proper recitation of the different avenues of scientific inquiry presented here: along the way, Wilczek touches on subjects including, but not limited to, ancient philosophy, mathematics, geometry, sound, music, color, the biological processes of hearing and vision, time and quantum theory, at various levels of increasing sophistication and difficulty.

It must also be admitted, by this reviewer and by Wilczek himself, that although the book is reasonably accessible, it will reward the reader for a more deliberate approach—which is another way of saying that some sections here might glaze the eyes of former English majors. As a scientist, Wilczek possesses brilliance that cannot be denied, as his Nobel Prize will attest.

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This book, though, suggests that his understanding of art—which is to say, his appreciation of objects of beauty, whatever they may be—is equally impressive. Drawing Blood by Molly Crabapple. Art in the Age of Emergence. Print RSS Share. Printer-friendly version.