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In this hilarious and instructive book, the pair take you through the do's and don'ts of a world they helped bring to the mainstream. Including:the basics of pot culturestoner etiquette how not to Bogey a joint and how to crash a doobie session awesome games and recipeseven Pot Hai Reedsy is a community of top publishing professionals. Freelance editor, ghost writer and copy writer with experience in STM, trade, memoir, history and academic publishing.

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Services Developmental Editing. You can prosper from it, too," he says.

Back in , the Drug Enforcement Agency raided Chong's home and Chong Glass in California, which was part of a larger raid of 55 other marijuana bong and pipe companies known as Operation Pipe Dream. Out of the 55 other bong makers, Chong was the only one to be prosecuted.

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Today, the operation is sometimes cited as a political move to persecute Chong for his movies, which. Even though the raid now seems like a tremendous waste of resources for one celebrity bong maker, it was very real for Chong, who was sentenced to nine months in prison. Chong says that although the experience of being arrested and doing time was unpleasant, he says it was worth it because he was standing up for the legalization of cannabis.

Belfort says he wrote his book because Chong inspired him to tell his story, to not be afraid or ashamed.

And what Jordan Belfort was is a genius," he says. All he had to do was change his aim. Chong says prison gave him time to reflect on life and to also show how ridiculous, and costly to the public, prohibition of cannabis is. Chong says more than anything the experience taught him to be thankful for what he's achieved.

Cheech & Chong’s Almost Legal Book for Stoners

Everything that I do will not be successful, and I don't expect it to be. Anything really successful will be a surprise. In the end, it's the lifestyle I am maintaining that I am most proud of," he says. No matter what you do to me, I've won.