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Elementary Number Theory — Logic and Proof documentation

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Is this an error Peter As far as I can tell, the Marcel 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges. Is there a recurrence relation which has no closed formula?

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Is there a recurrence relation which is known to have no closed form with a proof of inexistence? Assuming a closed form Aladin 44 2 2 bronze badges. Pruthviraj 2 2 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. Yet I'm not sure how can I find the function to calculate the number of zeros in the decimal representation.

It seems to be possible JOJO 89 7 7 bronze badges. Tithus 52 6 6 bronze badges. Coins n Joins 6 2 2 bronze badges.

Famous Theorems of Mathematics/Number Theory

The book now I read Gerald J. Janusz "Algebraic Number Fields" already prove following fact Lemma 5. I used discriminant method but failed.

Number Theory: Diophantine Equation: ax+by=gcd(a,b)

Divya Prakash Sinha 12 12 bronze badges. Pradana Aumars 6 6 bronze badges. Is there a way to show that one line is shorter than another in Euclid? Pretty simple. Is there a definition in Euclidean geometry that says that one line segment is shorter than another? BENG 83 5 5 bronze badges. Primes within Primes Primeception? I know Hossmeister 1 1 silver badge 10 10 bronze badges.

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There are several existing solutions of this problem on this site, but I David E Speyer Minimum amount of different money bills such that any payment has the smallest number of bills? What is the smallest set that can generate the whole set via positive linear combinations? Billy Rubina Is it possible to factor very large integers greater than digits in the blink of an eye?

What I mean is that is there any fast algorithm in literature to do the job. I know of GNFS but they are Subhendra Basu 1.