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Add to cart. About this product Product Information Ruins of an ancient civilization uncovered on Mars reveal startling truths about the creation of humankind. It is called "The Singer" for the eerie tone it emits. An artificial intelligence built eons ago, it may ultimately solve the mystery of the vanished alien races responsible for the birth and development of humanity. But after decades of war, the hostile nations of Earth care more for power than for knowledge.

And now all that stands between the coveted Al and an all-out Chinese assault is a vastly outnumbered contingent of U. Marines, dug in beneath the baleful red eye of Jupiter. As terrifying events light years distant begin to converge -- with,confrontation imminent and annihilation inevitable -- a secret history of creation and doom must at long last be contended with Show More Show Less. Pre-owned Pre-owned.

See all 6. Compare similar products. You Are Viewing. People who bought this also bought. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. He was breathing hard, and he could feel the rising flush in his face, feel the blood hammering at his temples. His gaze flicked to the left, to the large, 3-D image of a grinning civilian on the wall to his right. That means you, me, and the rest of the Joint Chiefs answer to him…and after him the NSC and the president.

You know that as well as I do. But the final word comes from a document you may have heard of: the Constitution, remember? It says we work for the politicians. Not the other way around. But this Unified Military Act is political. You know it. I know it. A century ago? Public opinion, however—the opinion of Americans who remembered names like Wake, Tarawa, and Iwo Jima—had secured a place for the Corps, by law, in the National Security Act of Congress alone had tried it on no fewer than five separate occasions between and the s.

Touching the lock points, he opened it wide and extracted his PAD, which he slid across the desk, screen up. Gray picked the thin panel up, his touch awakening the screen.

He frowned as he read the document displayed there. The same way the Marines have safeguarded American interests all over this world. Plus an HQ element.


Thirty men in all. The admiral paged through several more screens. Warhurst reached across the desk and tapped a touch-point on the Personal Access Device. Gray swiveled in his chair to watch the display, which tinted the room with its ruddy glow. Red sand and ocher stones littered an uneven, rolling ground as far as the eye could see, beneath a sky gone eerily pink and wan. An American flag hung from a mast in front of a cluster of pressurized domehuts, a tiny symbol of national defiance stirring listlessly in the thin wind.

On the horizon, miles away but looming large enough to seem much closer, was the mountain. It reminded Warhurst sharply of Ayers Rock in the Australian outback, monolithic, vast, and red in the distance-chilled sunlight. The surface was sand-polished and smooth, its original angles, planes, and swellings worn down by the wind erosion of five hundred millennia, but the features were still discernible.

Or so some said. There were still voices—and powerful ones, at that—insisting that the so-called Cydonian Face, the Face on Mars, was a natural feature, a kind of cosmic prank elicited by shadows, coincidence, and the irrepressible human will to believe.

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Admiral Gray turned away from the flatscreen, scowling. And trying like the devil to keep a low profile where the UN is concerned. The way he said it added the words lack of in front of the word foreign. Gray tapped several touchpoints on the PAD. And, just incidentally, it ingratiates the Marines with the American public, eh? With honor. Marine amphib ops like Inchon and Tavrichanka are things of the past. He looked down at the desk top for a long moment.

Heritage Trilogy III: Europa Strike – Clarion

You know I have a son in the Marines. And his son, my grandson, Jeff.

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Eleven years old. About this Item: Ritter. Published by Ullstein Hc. About this Item: Ullstein Hc. About this Item: Fayard. About this Item: Laterza. Published by Histoire et Collection. About this Item: Histoire et Collection. Published by AAA About this Item: AAA, Hard Cover.

The Lost Fleet

Condition: Fair. Dust Jacket Condition: None. From: glenthebookseller Montgomery, IL, U. As well, answers may be filled in.

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