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10 Stubborn Exercise Myths that Just Won’t Die

Internal Medicine. Too much of anything is never a good thing. Trying to do too much too soon without first building a strong cardio foundation, or training regularly at high intensities without allowing yourself adequate rest and recovery can lead to burnout, overtraining, and injury. It is very important with any exercise program that you begin slowly, progress your program gradually, and allow your body enough time to rest and recover. If you experience increasing fatigue or muscle soreness, difficulty sleeping, or new and niggling pain - these are all signs that you may becoming overtrained.

Becoming overtrained is not fun and can lead to dropout and injuries. It's good to push yourself, but be sure to give yourself enough time to recover so that your program is safe, effective, and enjoyable. Robert S. Kaufmann, MD. Anything in excess can be harmful. Luckily your body has a way of telling us but it is our responsibility to respond to it. An example is when we start getting thirsty we need to drink not waiting until we feel like we are going to pass out.

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The things we need to look for are increased heart rate, unusual pain, dizziness or feeling like we are going to pass out. Multiple problems can happen with long term consequences. National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Cardioresiratory activities include any type of activity that involves and places demand on the card Can endurance exercises make you smarter? Can running, swimming or biking improve your memory? In this Treadmill Talk, Sharecare expert Dr.