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Don't be afraid to sing out loud. You have your own soundtrack. Nothing is without its obstacles. Literally and metaphorically, love is not easy. But it's worth it. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if they are makeup-free and wearing dirty sweats, they are still the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. They're first in your heart.

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The quickest way to the heart is through the stomach, after all. We all need alone time.

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The key is knowing when your love is needed. Use your words. A daily reminder never hurts. Teamwork is everything. The couple who blogs together, stays together.

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It's a life-long dedication. For love to succeed, there must be mutual dedicaton. It's the best story there is. It may not be a fairy tale or a best-selling novel, but it's your story. Reading isn't for everyone. But every moment is a part of your story. Giving 'em the ol' razzle dazzle The love of your life outshines any jewel.

There will always be challenges. But at the end of the day, it's worth it. Time runs out pretty fast. Ever moment should be treasured. Above all, work together. Click here for reprint permission. Click to Read More and View Comments. Click to Hide. May Cheryl K. Donald Trump.

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Rugby World Cup. Saudi Arabia. New York Yankees. Home Unfiled In love and madness. Sign up for Daily Newsletters. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. With a sort of rigid religious ritual meditative art, with a form of sexual yoga that is designed to allow the feeling of mutual love to the extent of grand passion to have an extremely fitting fulfillment and expression.


Falling in love is a thing that strikes like lightning and is therefore extremely analogous to the mystical vision. No how really people attain the mystical vision. There is not as yet a very clear rationale as to how it happens because we do know that it is opened to many people who never did anything to look for it. And many people especially in adolescence have had the mystical vision all of a sudden without the slightest warning and with no previous interest in that kind of thing. On the other hand many people who have practiced yoga or zen disciplines of what you will for years and years and years have never seen it.

And in both classes, there are of course exceptions—there are those who have never had the spontaneous experience and there are those who through yoga or zen have attained this inside. But as yet we are not clear as to why it comes about and if there is any method of attaining it the best one is probably to give up the whole idea of getting it.

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But you see it is completely unpredictable and so it is in that way like falling in love, capricious and therefore crazy. But if you should be so fortunate as to encounter either of these experiences. It seems to me to be a total denial of life to refuse it. And what we therefore have to. Admit in our society is so that we can contain this kind of madness.

We must be far more realistic about the marriage arrangement so that it can contain the possibility of falling in love. When you base marriage you see on the falling in love and you go into a pseudo love affair, which is simply hot pants, and set up a rigid family in which you expect to the other person that they will. Always be in love with you, and then, in that context, you go and fall in love, then your falling in love is of necessity disruptive of the marriage and of the family.

But you see it could only disrupt it because the love relationship between the two partners was false, was pretended. But if marriage were based more on the old idea of the reasonable contract between two people to bring up children, who may be expected at the best to be good friends and to allow each other to be persons that is to say in the ordinary sense of the word person to have their own freedom. Now you see this this then means that when when people marry is they take it any vows at all to each other instead of.

It means I will be true to you in the sense of I will always be truthful to. I will not pretend that my feelings towards you ARE other than what they are.

Because I marry you because I think that you are a reasonable person to live with and therefore I want you to be you I want you to be someone else I want to be a rubber stamp of me—how boring that would be?! So it is a really and the arrangement not of us leave we always say jocularly did you get the ball and chain on him. But an arrangement in which people set each other free and make an alliance to cooperate with each other in certain ways.

Now if it should so occur that they are of immense sexual attraction to each other, so much the better? That this should not be a primary factor in entering into marriage. Admittedly, you must be to a certain extent attractive to each other otherwise there will be no progeny. But this is this is seems to me to be a sensible and reasonable view and just because it is sensible and reasonable it can accommodate what is not sensible and reasonable which is falling in love.

Because it is dishonesty with respect to the way you feel towards another person. Well now really when we go back then to falling in love.

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There is in it the idea of the fall. And it is goes back as a matter of fact two extremely fundamental things that there is always a curious tie at some point between the fall and the creation. Taking this ghastly risk, is the condition of there being life. You see, for all life is an act of faith and an act of gamble. The moment you take a journey what an act of faith. But this is the most powerful thing that can be done surrender see and love is an act of surrender to another person.