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Then, anyone who works on the project will have the most current dependencies, which ultimately helps to keep the development environments in sync.

Why Grunt?

You are now set up to run Grunt from the command line at the root of your project. But if you do so at this stage, you will get the following warning:. The best thing about working with Node. To install all of the new dependencies, just add this to the file:. Now that the packages have been installed, they have to be loaded in Grunt before we can do anything with them.

We can load all of the tasks automatically with a single line of code, using the matchdep dependency.


This is a boon for development because now the dependency list will be included only in the package file. Without matchdep , we would have to write grunt. Because the plugins are loaded into Grunt, we may start specifying options. First off is the HTML file index. Now, when we run grunt htmlhint from the terminal, it will check through the source file and make sure that our HTML has no errors! However, manually typing this command several times an hour would get tedious pretty quickly.

The watch task can run a unique set of tasks according to the file being saved, using targets. Add this configuration to grunt.

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Then, run grunt watch in the terminal. Now, try adding a comment to index. UglifyJS compresses all of the variable and function names in our source file to take up as little space as possible, and then trims out white space and comments — extremely useful for production JavaScript.

Gulp Task Automation for Beginners

Add this to the watch configuration:. Sass is incredibly useful for working with CSS, especially on a team. Less code is usually written in the source file because Sass can generate large CSS code blocks with such things as functions and variables.

Walking through Sass itself is a little beyond the scope of this article; so, if you are not comfortable with learning a preprocessor at this stage, you can skip this section. You will need to install Ruby on your system it comes preloaded in OS X. You can check whether Ruby is installed with this terminal command:.

In Mac it may be required to use sudo to run npm commands.

So, in that case, command should look like: sudo npm install -g grunt-cli Start with a new Grunt Project Each grunt project requires two files in your project folder:. Create package.

A Simple Guide to Getting Started With Grunt ―

You will list grunt and the Grunt plugins your project needs as devDependencies in this file. To create package. It is not necessary to enter values for any option. Then continue pressing enter. It will create a package. Install Grunt To install grunt in your project folder, run the below command in command line: npm install grunt --save-dev Appending --save-dev in any npm command, it adds installed plugin in devDependencies object of the package.

How to run all commands at once To run all the tasks on one enter, we need to arrange them sequentially. Update the code in Gruntfile. To be able to compile to CSS, prefix, create a source map and watch for changes we need the following dependencies. Note this uses LibSass whereas grunt-contrib-sass requires Ruby.

Getting started with Grunt Js

To add vendor prefixes to CSS properties, install grunt-autoprefixer. And finally, to watch for changes in SASS files install grunt-contrib-watch. This means when another developer checks out this project they can run npm install at the root of the project these dependencies will be installed. Then finally, two alias tasks are registered, dev and prod. Using Task Runner Explorer is very simple, by right clicking on gruntfile. On the left you a have a list of tasks and alias tasks.