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As a result, he has a thorough knowledge of how the department is structured and how it works, from an insiders perspective. In this book he shares a look into his career and along the way reveals what it is like to work inside the agency. Written by an investigative journalist, this insightful book gives an inside look at the history of the agency, its problems and its accomplishments.

The content of the book is based on personal interviews with intelligence officials and agents from both past and present.

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The essays were compiled from interviews with agents and provide an true inside look at the history of the agency, insight into secret operations, and practical how-to advice. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Home Sitemap About Contact Privacy.

Private Investigator and Investigation Resources. Home P. Store Private Investigator Books. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! More Investigation Books. More than four days had passed since they had been given LSD without their knowledge.

Olson began pouring out his doubts and fears. Ruwet tried to calm him, assuring him that his work was excellent, and recognised as such. Slowly, Olson was persuaded that resignation was too extreme a reaction. By this time MK-Ultra had been under way for seven months.

Barely two dozen men knew its true nature. Nine had been at Deep Creek Lake. Several of those had been surreptitiously dosed with LSD. Now one of them seemed out of control. This was no light matter for men who believed that the success or failure of MK-Ultra might determine the fate of the US, and all humanity.

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  • He had repeatedly visited Germany and brought home pictures from Heidelberg and Berlin, where the US military maintained clandestine interrogation centres. He was one of several special operations division scientists who were in France on 16 August , when an entire French village, Pont-Saint-Esprit, was mysteriously seized by mass hysteria and violent delirium that afflicted more than residents and caused several deaths; the cause was later determined to have been poisoning by ergot, the fungus from which LSD was derived.

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    Perhaps most threatening of all, if US forces did indeed use biological weapons during the Korean war — for which there is circumstantial evidence but no proof — Olson would have known. The prospect that he might reveal any of what he had seen or done was terrifying. In spring , he visited the top-secret Microbiological Research Establishment at Porton Down in Wiltshire, where government scientists were studying the effects of sarin and other nerve gases.

    On 6 May, a volunteer subject, a year-old soldier, was dosed with sarin there, began foaming at the mouth, collapsed into convulsions, and died an hour later. Afterward, Olson spoke about his discomfort with a psychiatrist who helped direct the research, William Sargant.



    A month later, Olson was back in Germany. He sent his report to his superiors with the understanding that they would forward it to the CIA. F ive days after being dosed with LSD, Olson was still disoriented. Ruwet, his boss at the special operations division, called Gottlieb to report this. Gottlieb asked him to bring Olson in for a chat. That was partly true.

    Inside the CIA: Revealing the Secrets of the World's Most Powerful Spy Agency - Ronald Kessler

    Abramson was not a psychiatrist, but he was an MK-Ultra initiate. Olson told Abramson that ever since the Deep Creek Lake retreat, he had been unable to work well. He could not concentrate and forgot how to spell. He could not sleep. Abramson sought to reassure Olson, who seemed to relax afterwards. He planned to return to his family for Thanksgiving dinner.

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    The day after seeing Abramson, accompanied by Lashbrook and Ruwet, he boarded a flight to Washington. An MK-Ultra colleague was waiting when they landed. Ruwet and Olson got into his car for the drive to Frederick. He asked that the car be stopped. Ruwet suggested Olson return to New York for another session with Abramson.

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    Abramson spent about an hour with Olson, followed by 20 minutes with Lashbrook. The next morning, Abramson, Lashbrook and Olson drove back to Manhattan. During a session at his Fifty-Eighth Street office, Abramson persuaded Olson that he should agree to be hospitalised as a voluntary patient at a Maryland sanatorium. Olson and Lashbrook left, registered at the Statler Hotel, and were given room A. Over dinner at the Statler, Olson told Lashbrook that he was looking forward to his hospitalisation.

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    He mused about books he would read. The two returned to their room. Olson washed his socks in the sink, watched TV for a while and lay down to sleep. E very secret service needs officers who specialise in cleaning up messes. The cover-up he directed in the hours and days after Frank Olson died was a model of brisk efficiency.

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    With the calm self-assurance for which he was known at the CIA, Edwards announced how the cover-up would unfold. First, the New York police would be persuaded not to investigate, and to cooperate in misleading the press. Third, the Olson family would have to be informed, placated and kept cooperative. It took the form of a single officer.

    Later, he was identified as James McCord , who would go on to become a footnote to US political history as one of the Watergate burglars. McCord had previously been an FBI agent specialising in counterintelligence. Making police investigations evaporate was one of his specialities. As soon as Edwards called McCord before dawn on 28 November, he swung into action. He took the first morning plane to New York and arrived at the Statler about 8am.

    He spent an hour questioning Lashbrook and then, at about 9. While he was away, McCord minutely searched room A and nearby rooms. Shortly after noon, Lashbrook returned to the Statler, where McCord was waiting. Over the next few hours, Lashbrook made a series of telephone calls. One was to Gottlieb. CIA security officers in New York took care of the remaining details. That became the official narrative. It came close to threatening the very existence of MK-Ultra.

    Gottlieb and his bosses at the CIA might have taken this as a moment for reflection. In light of this death, they could have reasoned, further experiments with psychoactive drugs should be stopped, at least on unwitting subjects. This story, with its lurid mix of drugs, death and the CIA, proved irresistible. For the next several days, reporters barraged the CIA with demands to know more. Besides announcing plans to sue the CIA, the Olson family also asked the New York police department to open a new investigation. A lawsuit, if allowed to proceed, would give the family, as well as homicide detectives in New York, a tool they could use to force disclosure of deep secrets.

    He invited Alice and her three adult children to the White House. On 21 July , they met in the Oval Office. It was a unique historical moment: the only time an American president has ever summoned the family of a CIA officer who died violently and apologised on behalf of the US government. There were problems of supervision and administration. After some hesitation, the family accepted. Congress passed a special bill approving the payment.

    And that would have closed the case if Frank Olson had remained quiet in his grave. More than two decades later, at the end of , they decided to accept his offer and called to arrange an appointment. When Alice, Eric and Nils Olson appeared at his door, his first reaction was relief.

    Eric was taken aback. He began by telling the family what had happened at Deep Creek Lake on 19 November But we both went a little too far, and we did things that we probably should not have done. That was as close to confession as Gottlieb ever came.