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Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. Tutorials in Mathematical Biosciences IV. Teoria delle Equazioni e Teoria di Galois. Hemodynamical Flows. Eisenstein Series and Applications. Topological Methods in Group Theory. Graphs, Dioids and Semirings. Universal Algebra.

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  2. The South: A Novel.
  3. Thermodynamics and Chemistry 2ed-3 Devoe.
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Computational Methods in Transport: Verification and Validation. A Singular Introduction to Commutative Algebra.

Knot Theory and Its Applications by Kunio Murasugi

Building Bridges. Holomorphic Functions in the Plane and n- dimensional Space. Horizons of Combinatorics. Bioconductor Case Studies. Analysis by its History. Bayesian Reliability. Arithmetical Investigations. Applied Quantitative Finance. Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Quadratic Mappings and Clifford Algebras.

Nodal Discontinuous Galerkin Methods.

Bayesian Evaluation of Informative Hypotheses. Aspects of Mathematical Modelling. Boundary Integral Equations. Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing. Modern Multivariate Statistical Techniques. Simplicial Complexes of Graphs. Representations, Wavelets, and Frames.

Knot Theory and its Applications (Modern Birkhäuser Classics) [Paperback]

Riemannian Geometry and Geometric Analysis. Graphs, Networks and Algorithms. Geometric Modeling and Algebraic Geometry.

Discrete Thoughts. Fuzzy Multi-Criteria Decision Making. Kapranov, M. Geometry and Dynamics of Groups and Spaces.

Braid Groups. Bayesian Networks and Influence Diagrams. Design and Analysis of Simulation Experiments.

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Volume 1. Probability Theory. Representation Theory and Automorphic Forms. Random Curves. Mathematical Modeling, Simulation, Visualization and e-Learning. Information Criteria and Statistical Modeling. Combinatorial Optimization. Country Risk Evaluation. Combinatorial Algebraic Topology. Geometric Integration Theory. Mathematics — Key Technology for the Future.

Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications. Patterns of Change. Mathematical Models of Financial Derivatives. Standard Monomial Theory. Langer, U. Python Scripting for Computational Science.

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Piecewise-smooth Dynamical Systems. Handbook of Multilevel Analysis. Basic Probability Theory with Applications. Reminiscences of a Statistician. Difference Algebra. Absolute Stability of Nonlinear Control Systems.

Visualization in Medicine and Life Sciences. Guida alla teoria degli insiemi. Studying Human Populations. Foundations of Generic Optimization. Linear and Nonlinear Programming. Aspects of Brownian Motion. SAS for Data Analysis. Interpolation Processes. Integrable Systems in Celestial Mechanics.