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Therefore, to encourage faculty use of materials that promote evidence-based thinking among students, it was critical to create a collection of materials that could be used in diverse contexts. Case studies are a well-known active learning approach Barnes, Christensen, and Hansen ; Miller and Tanner As revealed by many studies, active learning approaches promote greater student learning gains, more engagement with course content, and higher retention than lecture-based teaching approaches Freeman et al. In addition, case-based learning allows students to think about content in the context of real-world problems or scenarios, which can increase student motivation for learning and help them improve intellectual skills Hung, Jonassen, and Liu ; Miller and Tanner Case-based learning is also a learner-centered approach.

Learner-centered approaches can promote the retention of information by allowing instructors to understand student misconceptions, biases, and current grasp of concepts, and to address these issues Gazzaniga, Ivry, and Mangun ; Johnstone Further, learner-centered teaching methods can engender more energy and engagement in classrooms, making them more lively and the learning more enjoyable for students and instructors alike Byrne The STIRS Scholars were selected on the basis of an application that required submission of a case concept proposal, a statement of interest, a curriculum vita, and a letter of support.

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Concept proposals included the case study topic, potential learning objectives, potential audiences, personal background with the case topic, examples of the types of evidence students would be asked to examine as part of the case, approaches the case would use to examine evidence, potential case format, and STIRS keywords and competencies addressed by the case. For a complete list of STIR cases and authors, see table 1.

The scholars who were selected included faculty from across the spectrum of academic ranks and leadership roles e.

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STIRS Scholars drafted a student case and facilitator guide, all of which were reviewed multiple times by both a mentor Katherine Hunting and a peer. Completed student cases and facilitator guides were subject to a blind review process with two peer reviewers, and each STIRS Scholar made final revisions based on reviewer feedback. Published cases include both a student case and a facilitator guide.

Student cases include the materials that are provided to the students to support their learning and interaction with the case. This includes preparatory materials, learning objectives, a narrative that explains the case, background information, questions, suggested activities, and references.

Facilitator guides were designed to support faculty in teaching the student case. Facilitator guides allow for the possibility that the instructor teaching the case is a novice in both the subject area and in case-based teaching. These authors are denoted by an asterisk in table 1.

These cases are denoted by a pound sign in table 1. Though the cases are topically distinct, they were all developed to follow the same basic principles, and thus cases emphasize skills such as evidence-based decision making, writing, research, presentation skills, group work, justifying a position, quantitation, ethical reasoning, scientific thinking, interpreting data, research study design, and interdisciplinary thinking.

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Brief case descriptions are provided below in table 2, which will allow readers to identify the cases they might like to access and use in their own courses. Different Times of the Month: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Menstruation Taboos This case focuses on analyzing attitudes about menstruation and culturally universal menstruation taboos in the context of different cultures and time periods and using cultural anthropology theory and methods.

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By examining data and readings, students investigate the implications of declaring English as the official language of the United States. Students explore key questions and their repercussions using evidence from the US Census, as they advocate and justify policy decisions. Exploring Lawns and Gardens as Complex Socio-Ecological Systems In this case, students are asked to examine the ecological and sociocultural context and implications of common lawn and garden management activities. Learning activities promote discussion of environmental science and sustainability studies topics.

People, Places, and Pipelines: Debating Tar Sands Oil Transmission Students evaluate existing data and other information in this case to debate current environmental, economic, cultural, and ethical issues surrounding tar sands and tar shale oil transmission.

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Organic Foods: Examining the Health Implications Students consider evidence regarding how organic and conventionally produced foods vary in their environmental and occupational health impacts to explore issues relating to food, health, environment, and sustainability. The Ferret Sneeze Heard Around the World: The Case of the Bioengineered Bird Flu This case allows students to consider the controversy and debate policies surrounding whether or not to publish data describing how to successfully engineer the avian influenza virus to be transmissible between mammals.

Rising to the Challenge: Examining the Effects of a Growth Mindset Concepts of a fixed versus growth mindset are considered in this case to understand differences in student academic achievement and how these differences can be addressed to promote academic achievement. Preventing Spina Bifida and Other Neural Tube Defects Through this case, students learn about neural tube defects, their causes, and the challenges in addressing the causes of these developmental anomalies.

Students are challenged to make recommendations to address the problems arising from these conditions.

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The importance of vaccines and visualization of the societal impact of falling vaccination rates are emphasized. The Trees Are Breathing Us. In Rosile, G. Ed Tribal Wisdom for Business Ethics. Emerald Group Publishing.

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Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. The broad goal of this volume is to help advance environmental education practices that help increase students' environmental literacy. Having a diverse collection of learner-centered teaching activities is especially useful for helping students develop their environmental literacy because such approaches can help them connect more personally with the material thus increasing the chances for altering the affective and behavioral dimensions of their environmental literacy.

This volume differentiates itself from others by providing a unique and diverse collection of classroom activities that can help students develop their knowledge, skills and personal views about many contemporary environmental and sustainability issues. Customer Reviews.

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