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In Second Edition, there was even a sourcebook for Los Angeles, which detailed the city as an Anarch-run city on the brink, where gangs both Kindred and Mortal ran rampant and nobody seemed to be in control of anything no matter their title or position of power. There was also the whole "Crypts and Bloods" garbage that even I found to be lame and tasteless and I'm a fan of stories focused around gangs and organized crime , but we'll do our best to forget about that.

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Like did 1e or early 2e even mention the Anarch Free State? I know that Anarchs were a big deal in First Edition hell, they were the default sect for PC's in 1e but as far as I can tell, there's no reference to Anarchs running California, or even any specific reference to the West Coast in general during 1e.

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I will double check the 1e corebook to make sure, though. Most of the 1e material focused on the Midwest. The main settings detailed in-depth in 1e were Gary, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Denver and Cleveland, if you count the early third-party supplement Blood Nativity with Awakening: Diablerie Mexico as the sole major exception to the Midwestern focus of 1e.

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But even then, there are references to the Northeastern United States, especially in regards to the Sabbat, which was vaguely defined and barely existent in 1e. This was at a time when the Sabbat weren't properly defined beyond "mysterious boogeyman outlaw faction" , which would explain the weird choices of Montreal and New York as Sabbat domains in later books.

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But as far as I can tell, there is little to no information in the 1e corebook on California I'll double-check to make sure. The reason I ask this is because I want to write some fiction material focused on Anarch gangs in the Los Angeles area during the mid-to-late 's and early 's, with a First Edition style, focus, and setting. Any information on the matter would be greatly appreciated.


Tags: None. Black Fox. The Anarch Free States were introduced quite early in the game's lore. It is mentioned in both the first Brujah Clanbook and the Anarch Cookbook I don't know if any products from mentioned them. I believe the Brujah Clanbook was released just prior to the 2e corebook. Comment Cancel Post.

Watch Lost Boys. English is not my native language, so i apologize for errors in grammar or spelling. Originally posted by Cadmiumcadamium View Post. Originally posted by World of Darkness 2nd edition, pg. However, the tide of revolt soon swept up and down the state, and today all of the Redwood State is either independent or contested. A wonderful source for learning about the people, socities and groups behind the darkness in these cities. This sourcebook is very well written and is a pleasure to read. This is a must have for urban-based scenarios. Submitted by FuryTheFallen. You are not a Premium Member and you are blocking ads.

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