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Poverty Disadvantaged Gender equality Healthcare inequality Gender disparities in health Social determinants of health Reproductive justice Women's empowerment. Women's health by country. This section is too long. Consider splitting it into new pages, adding subheadings , or condensing it. April See also: Postpartum confinement.

See also: Maternal death.

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Biostatistics Child mortality Community health Epidemiology Global health Health impact assessment Health system Infant mortality Open-source healthcare software Public health informatics Social determinants of health Health equity Race and health Social medicine. Category Commons WikiProject. Reproductive health. Compulsory sterilization Contraceptive security Genital integrity Circumcision controversies Genital modification and mutilation Intersex.

Patient Teaching boxes highlight important information to communicate to patients. Lab Values help you recognize the significance of out-of-range values and make appropriate nursing interventions.

The Pharmacy features detail essential pharmaceutical information at a glance. Learning Objectives and bolded Key Terms help you maximize your study time.

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Think Critically questions instill the clinical reasoning and analytical skills essential to safe patient-centered practice. Suggested Readings point you to further research for more information and clinical guidance. We do this by working with country-led programs to:. We help country-led programs build local capacity to measure and track their own progress in providing high-quality care to women and infants. Research has shown that giving birth in a health facility with a skilled attendant is by itself not enough to reduce maternal and newborn deaths [ 1 ]. This means focusing on both the delivery and the experience of care, including respectful maternity care.

Since , we have led a series of U. Agency for International Development flagship global programs to increase maternal and newborn health and survival. Far too often, pregnant women fail to receive the high-quality, respectful, life-saving care they deserve before, during and after birth. Help us save lives and ensure families have the care they need to survive childbirth and thrive. Donate now. Search for: Search.