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Ask Questions Do you have a specific question about a career as an Automotive Engineer that isn't answered on this page? Automotive engineer. Day in the Life: Electric Motorcycle Engineer. Manufacturing Technology. Five questions: Peter Rawlinson, Tesla Motors chief engineer. High Gear Media.

Major: automotive engineering. Explore Our Science Videos. Science Projects.

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Use computer simulations to help create cars that protect passengers during a crash. Design and test a new generation of hybrid cars with the latest fuel-efficiency technology. Cars are an important part of our daily lives. Aptitude for methodical thought process, ability to visualize projects from concept to design, love for cars and bikes, ingenuity, good communication skills.

Biology, chemistry, physics, geometry, algebra II, calculus; if available, computer science, engineering drafting. Median Salary. Projected Job Growth Farid Ahmed-Zaid is part of the Crash Avoidance Metrics Partnership and looks forward to the day when cars can speak to each other. The Tesla Motors Model S is an all-electric luxury sports sedan. This vehicle has the capability to go up to miles per charge.

Read this interview with Peter Rawlinson , Tesla Motors' chief engineer, in which he discusses the design and engineering of the Model S. How to Make a Bristlebot. Already have an account? Log in. You have no items in your shopping cart.

Motor Vehicle Engineering Science for Technicians

Science for Motor Vehicle Engineers. Add to cart Buy now. Sign in to add to Wish List. The primary aim of this book is to provide the necessary scientific principles for NVQ students specialising in motor vehicle engineering at levels 2 and 3. Unlike many other engineering science texts, it emphasises the topics most useful to vehicle engineers, and includes numerous real-life examples, with questions directly related to cars, motor cycles and commercial vehicles. Theory and questions all set in an automotive contextTheory followed by worked examples and graded questions to aid learningUp-to-date with current technology.

There are no comparable programs in Europe. The master's program Automotive Technology at the Eindhoven University of Technology is an outstanding starting point for a successful career. Vehicles are a source of multidisciplinary challenges for technicians and scientists. The automotive industry is fast-moving with new technologies developing for low emissions and safe mobility. The possibilities seem unlimited. The traditional car has been developed into a controlled high-tech system full of mechanics, electronics, sensors, and informatics. The increase in vehicle intelligence has led to a vast demand for highly educated engineers able to think on a system level, to work in a variety of disciplines and to observe the complete system rather than a collection of components.

The industry needs automotive engineers with a background in mechanics, electronics, computer science, and chemistry. As a future automotive engineer, you should know all these aspects. The MSc program Automotive Technology offers this knowledge The Urban, Port and Transport Economics programme focuses on how to State of the art transport, logistics and modern cities are essential for a well-functioning economy.

The Urban, Port and Transport Economics programme focuses on how to optimise these key elements of modern society.

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Our lecturers are actively involved in the latest developments in international economic research, consultancy and advice. Through interactive lectures, challenging assignments and lively debates they will show you how to apply the appropriate methods — both qualitative and quantitative — when dealing with a wide range of real-life issues. How do we find smart ways to deal with congestion and pollution?

What role can city planning play in achieving productive cross fertilisation between all available sources of knowledge and enterprise? What is the future of ports in the logistics chain? The study of Urban, Port and Transport Economics teaches you to look at such important issues in a way that is both scientific and practicaI It is particularly suitable for those with a background in electronics, electrical engineering, control This degree is designed for engineering or STEM subject graduates.

It is particularly suitable for those with a background in electronics, electrical engineering, control systems, or communications who want to play a role in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles, and the Intelligent Transportation Systems Network. With the advent of smart, connected and autonomous vehicles on the horizon of technical advancements, the automotive industry is facing a developmental challenge.

How do we develop a robust technical infrastructure to support the anticipated explosive growth in smart vehicular functions, communications systems and driverless cars? This demands a comprehensive understanding of the technology and a bottom-up approach ensuring robustness and dependability of Electronics, Communications e.

Dublin Institute of Technology - DT Automotive Management and Technology

Through this MSc, we aim to address the knowledge-gap in the areas of machine learning, automated control strategies, connectivity, and communication infrastructure, cybersecurity protocols, emerging automotive networks and robust automotive embedded systems within the context of smart, connected and autonomous vehicles The world of traffic evolves fast!

Just think of the rise of the self-driving car. Besides the traditional governments, road admissions and public traffic firms, traffic becomes more than ever big business for trendy firms. In most cities, you can already find car and bike sharing systems e.

Villo, Cambio, and Car2Go and enterprises that provide completely integrated packages of Mobility-as-a-Service and want to ban private cars to the history lessons. Are you one of the young ambitious engineers of this new generation and would you like to help this revolution? The world of logistics is constantly changing. Behind the scenes, optimization stays the keyword.


Science for Motor Vehicle Engineers

Airplanes, vans, and cargo-bikes today, maybe in the future drones or automatic vans, will deliver your packages. The same process appears in the supply chain of enterprises that constantly redesigns due to new players, different prices and new technologies like 3D printing since the old solutions became too expensive or dispensable One cause of this is that vehicles meet customer Rapid developments in vehicle engineering have led to a merging of the fields of Mechanics, Electronics and Informatics.

One cause of this is that vehicles meet customer demands by the optimal interplay of various mechanical and electronic components.

Many functions in the areas of comfort, safety and efficiency are only made possible by mechatronic systems. In this context, specific expertise in the mechatronic disciplines, combined with social- and business economics competences, will be central requirements for future employees and managers in the automotive industry. Transport - Transport Systems Engineering and Management Warsaw University of Technology Students of the Transport Systems Engineering and Management specialisation acquire extended knowledge and skills in the areas of: road, railway and municipal transport s Students of the Transport Systems Engineering and Management specialisation acquire extended knowledge and skills in the areas of: road, railway and municipal transport systems control and management, optimization and planning of transport systems, transport measurements and forecasting, as well as design of multimodal transport hubs and traffic modelling and planning these transport systems with the use of modern IT tools.

In addition, students gain knowledge and skills in the field of automated vehicles and other solutions of transport automation and learn about the role of the human factor in intelligent transport systems.

Earning Your Vehicle Engineering Degree

Other topics include environmental impact and environment protection, rules of shaping transport law and policies and management of the investment process in transport, including financing investment solutions This MSc will hone yo The MSc course consists of nine one-week assessed modules, of which eight are assessed, which take place from October to February, a group design project and an individual thesis project. Students who excel on the Masters' course have their performance recognised through prizes from our partners and associates presented either on the day of the Motorsport Group Design Presentations or at the Motorsport MSc 'Parc Ferme' Graduation event in the June of the following year.

The MSc in Safety Engineering for Transport, Logistics, and Production provides a high level of advanced training, to enable graduated students to operate in the areas re