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Motorcycles are iconic images in American culture and reflect their historical context in design. Follow the aesthetic evolution in two-wheel transportation through vintage cycles. Gunpowder, furnaces and kilns are used by the three featured artists: glass artist Alex Bernstein, mixed media artist Mira Lehr and ceramist Tom Turner. Experience traditional and innovative uses of materials and processes employed in the making of these contemporary works of art. Masters of tradition, basketmakers Yakim and Taylor make these traditional Appalachian white oak baskets straight from the tree.

This national competition features original works in all craft media: ceramics, metal, wood, glass, fiber, book arts, etc. An opportunity to examine quilts on loan from local collectors and appreciate functional objects as works of art. Quilts embody the love and care of family, as they were originally created for warmth and protection in our mountain heritage.

Today, these once-practical objects are treasured and collected by family and fiber enthusiasts. Exhibition partner Highlands Historical Society. Exploiting the inherent properties of glass-transparency, fluidity, sharpness, fragility and reflection-the objects in this exhibition are mysterious, sensuous and colorful. Wheel-thrown and hand built work, some pieces, by master artists Cynthia Bringle, Mark Hewitt and David Stuempfle will constitute this very special inaugural exhibition.

The potters will be on hand for public programs and studio instruction. A selection of large-scale vessels, curated by landscape architect Marcia S. Weber, was on display outdoors near The Bascom's headquarters building and on its new pastoral Nature Trail. These clay works complemented the Mountains in Bloom garden festival, July 7 - 11, The Bascom's own Frankenthaler untitled inch-high stain painting will create a vibrant centerpiece for this exhibition that will also include loans of paintings by Hans Hofmann, Morris Louis, Robert Motherwell, Kenneth Noland, and Jules Olitsky from museums and private collectors.

This will be a celebration of not only non-objective imagery and midth c. Some 45 post turned wood works will be displayed in a grand 17 x 40 foot loft gallery that is appointed with rough-hewn posts and beams and clean white walls. Some works will be on loan from the artists and other pieces from collectors. This show of lathe-made pieces will convey the widely acclaimed talents of Matt and Phillip and their late father Edward, who comprise an esteemed family of Georgia craftsman. Critics have long said that Ed Moulthrop , trained as an architect, self taught as a craftsman, changed the course of woodworking in America.

The artist's site specific installation will be on view in The Bascom's new loft gallery. Chow born ; www.

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With work sometimes incorporating zippers, measuring tapes, fish line, and buttons, her pieces are an ode to repetition and scale and a tension between the conceptual and the material. This NYC artist is being touted by art critics and in major publications.

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The New Yorker called her one of the most interesting and compelling young talents to come along in years. Bascom guest curators have selected paintings, pastels and drawings by the American masters Will Henry Stevens and Lamar Dodd that exemplify an affinity for nature as embodied in landscape. Stevens and Dodd were famous university teachers and still have a tremendous following among artists, art students and art collectors.

Stevens won fame as an instructor at the H. The landscape theme is in tribute not only to Stevens' love of the highlands of Appalachia and lowlands of Louisiana and Dodd's love of Monhegan Island, Maine, and the red-clay terrain of Georgia, but also to the Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust's th anniversary.

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The Trust's mission of preserving natural areas, scenic beauty and green spaces echo the visions of Stevens and Dodd. Dave Russell, sculptor , says that Western North Carolina is blessed with good rocks; granite is one example of a plentiful material.

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He is drawn to rocks that have the edges, irregularities and " grippiness " that he needs for making his signature stacked stone sculptures. Russell collects stones from farms, dumps, riverbeds and many other locations with permission from owners and makes stacked assemblages from these found rocks. The parts of his works are held together with gravity and friction. His pieces form arches or sometimes pedestals or totem shapes.

By day, Dave is the letters editor for the Asheville Citizen-Times. He sees his sculpture as turbocharging nature, or making moments in time that would not ordinarily occur. Watch for his stone installations along The Bascom's nature trail and around the campus. These stacked stone works of art celebrate the unblemished green spaces that form the landscape west and north of The Bascom's new headquarters building; signal the art center's commitment to ecology and "green" practices ; and celebrate the wealth of regional and national artists who produce works that compliment the landscape.

Featuring work by current members of The Bascom. The bags chosen for this special exhibition, celebrating the coming holidays, will be on loan to The Bascom from The Newark NJ Public Library, whose rich and robust holdings boast hundreds of unforgettable, iconic carry-alls.

Young at art! Exhibition featuring art works created by regional high school students. Furniture, the stuff of everyday life, becomes our treasured connection to the past, providing an insight into our southern culture. Welcome to nowhere Visual music, landscapes that do not exist in nature, and a variety of other artworks were included in this exhibition. All of these works sprung from the imagination through the expertise of artists who have mastered state-of-the-art drawing and painting tools.

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Ten years ago, these creations could not exist. Recent technology has made them possible. This exhibition was a sight and sound revolution.

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Artists create portraits and figures for a variety of reasons, sometimes to capture a likeness, sometimes to evoke a response from the viewer about the human form, or sometimes to immortalize an historical figure. For decades, contemporary folk art was defined as work created by rural or small town untrained individuals. In more recent years the field of contemporary folk art has expanded to include works produced in big cities and suburbs across the country. Folk art and its artists have been referred to as stimulating, naive, self-taught, primitive, amateur, visionary, intuitive and always creative.

Contemporary folk artists, and their innovative use of materials, was the heart and soul of this exhibition. The quiet beauty of a mountain winter was showcased in this exhibition that featured off-season landscape paintings by artists Deborah Squier and John Mac Kah. Mac Kah was The Bascom's first artist-in-residence in He braved the icy weather and winter winds to create the work he will be presenting in this exhibition.

Mac Kah, who has a studio in Swannanoa, was born in St.

Petersburg, Fla. He is on the faculty of the Fine Arts League of the Carolinas and teaches all over the region. He has been a freelance artist and has had a private studio since His painting can be described as 20th century naturalism.