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Novelists hit their peaks at different ages. Some, like JD Salinger with The Catcher in the Rye, write debut novels of such perfection that the rest of their writing lives are an anti-climax.

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Others, like Mary Wesley, take up their pens at pensionable age and still write a string of bestsellers. Still others go into slow decline.

Called to the bar

Kingsley Amis, for reasons which the serialisation of his letters is making abundantly clear, could not maintain the riotous promise of the novels he wrote in his thirties. Sometimes it is a service, both to yourself and your public, to quit when you are still at the top. A chance phone call introduces Ria and Marilyn, and the two decide to exchange houses for the summer. Both hope the change of scenery will help them to heal.

In major relief, Juhu Tara Road bridge to reopen in a month

By exchanging their homes, Ria and Marilyn, in effect, also exchange "lives. In the U.

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  6. The end of Tara road? Let's hope Maeve will make it back?
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  8. She takes computer classes and does some catering, establishing roots for her own future business career. She also finds new romance with Marilyn's brother-in-law.

    Maria Doyle Kennedy (Tara Road)

    Marilyn, unable to even speak Dale's name before her trip, finds healing in a most unexpected way by spending time with Ria's teenage children in Dublin. By living in each other's worlds for a while, both women learn more about themselves and also learn a secret about the other that they must keep at all costs.

    Directions to Juhu Tara Road (Andheri West) with public transportation

    Rosemary is a successful career woman who had expected to marry young, but never marries at all. Although she's Ria's best friend, she betrays her in the worst possible way and no one, not even Ria, sees it coming. Gertie is a battered wife who just can't break free from her abusive husband, Jack, until the unexpected happens.

    Sheila, Gertie's sister, lives in the States but comes home to Dublin to visit.


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