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The Nickel emits beta particles electrons which collide with the carrier gas molecules, ionizing them in the process. This forms a stable cloud of free electrons in the ECD cell.

When electro-negative compounds enter the cell, they immediately combine with some of the electrons, temporarily reducing the number remaining in the electron cloud. The detector electronics, which maintain a constant current about 1 nanoampere through the electron cloud, are forced to pulse at a faster rate to compensate for the decreased number of free electrons. The pulse rate is converted to an analog output, which is connected to the data system.

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Because it contains only 5 millicuries of Nickel, the ECD is covered by a "general license," which requires a periodic wipe test and the filing of a form with your state's Department of Health or Radiation Safety. In most states, no annual fee is required. SRI Instruments is a manufacturer of high quality chromatography instruments and accessories.

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  • How do electron capture detectors work? | Socratic.
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The use of the electron capture detector in human and equine doping analysis by gas chromatography

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Product overview Videos. In two minutes, without special training or tools, you can swap out these modules and reconfigure your instrument for a specific workflow or method.

This unique capability can also enable continuous operation or dramatically reduce maintenance downtime—just replace dirty units with clean backups and be back to running samples again in a few minutes. Options for Expansion For budget-conscious labs, Instant Connect modules offer the flexibility to start with a single-channel instrument, and expand to multi-injector or multi-detector configurations to accommodate new applications or increased throughput requirements. Outstanding ECD Performance The Instant Connect ECD features a miniaturized cell equipped with a purged, removable anode, designed to maximize robustness towards the matrix effect while guaranteeing fast peak detection and maximum sensitivity.

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