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Half a world away in Iraq, a major bad boy from Actual events may provide plenty of grist for the cartoon mill, but it takes a mind like Garry Trudeau's to sift through it for the hilarious kernel of truth. From the Bill Clinton-Ken Starr face-off to high-flying Internet start-ups to new ways to plagiarize term papers, Trudeau hones in on the things we take so seriously and livens Doonesbury continues to entertain, inspire, and provoke with its unique blend of social commentary, humor, and political satire. Chronicling the millennial state of the nation through the interconnected lives of its large cast of characters, the strip offers unusual perspectives on the usual suspects, and asks impertinent questions My Shorts R Bunching.

A lot. Four weeks later, a sampling of his character missives was published in The New Yorker to great Peace Out, Dawg! As shakes the Doonesbury world, many of its denizens are drawn inexorably toward Ground Zero--Mike to attend a memorial service for a former employer; B. Those on the Launched as a military blog or milblog by Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau in October , The Sandbox is an online forum through which service members in Afghanistan and Iraq share their stories with readers here at home.

In hundreds of fascinating and compelling posts, soldiers write passionately, eloquently, and movingly of their The Portable Doonesbury. Joining the world of the portable phone and the portable computer is The Portable Doonesbury: one easy-to-carry book containing the high- and low-lights of the lives of the Doonesbury cast for the past three years.

Incorporating all the essential daily strips and full-color Sundays, The Portable Doonesbury is an unblinking analysis of Categories: All Humor. On a road outside Fallujah, an RPG blows apart a Humvee and upends the life of a former football star.

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As a medevac chopper swoops down, the wounded Guardsman hears "Not your time, bro. Not today," and his remarkable healing journey begins.

Thousands of U. Presented in chronological order in thematic groups against a timeline of key events, this astonishing record of remarks both public and private speaks for itself The satirical eye behind the comic strip "Doonesbury," Garry Trudeau is America's most mirthful, cutting chronicler of these times. Duke's s plot to make a fortune by doctoring an evidence photo of the Kennedy assassination returns to haunt him when he becomes embroiled with a determined group of conspiracy theorists on the Internet.

Your compassionate portrayal of Lieutenant B.

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Planet Doonesbury: A Doonesbury Book. No matter what's occurring on the planet, Doonesbury has offered readers a parallel universe.

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Through the adventures of cherished characters like Mike, J. Just in time to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of our nation's most irreverent comic strip. No rogue regime ever needed its evildoing professionally reframed more urgently than Greater Berzerkistan, whose president-for-life Trff Bmzklfrpz pronounced Ptklm needs to spin a recent round of ethnic cleansing.

Fortunately, the pariah state and its hole golf course, built overnight by Kurds and Jews borders Iran, a fact that K Heckuva Job, Bushie! Mike's summer daydream may be the only place we'll ever hear a thorough mea culpa from Dubya. But while mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned, even in the White House, where the Abramoff scandal inspires an official Ethics Refresher Course: "Right, good.

Wrong, bad. This breathtaking volume boldly, cheerfully, and blankly stares back across the stunningly mellow life and times of Zonker Harris. From his Californian-American roots to his legendary status as surfer, nanny, and former sun god, his career trajectory has unfailingly carried him ever deeper into the homegrown heart of the American He tried to warn us.

Squared Away: A Doonesbury Book. Indeed, how remarkable that the strip has so embraced and occupied its era that three generations of one family have married within its Join our thousands of happy subscribers. It's free! BookGorilla sends you a single daily email alert with the best deals on books that match your reading preferences, including bestsellers and freebies! Learn More. Buy It Now.

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Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information Thousands of soldiers have suffered grievous wounds in Iraq, but only one of them is a Doonesbury character. BD's inspiring, insightful, and darkly humorous story confirms that it can take a village, or at least a ward, to raise a soldier when he's gone down. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less.

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